Thank you Natalie (FFR Member Advocate) you have given me a few (resources) I have not thought of. You have opened my eyes to ways I didn’t know about. Once again thank you Natalie, you have given me some kind of hope!

FFR Member | Shreveport, LA

Hey I’m letting you guys know how much this is helping me you should really try it out

FFR Member | Stone Mountain, GA

Thank you so much for actually responding. I didn’t expect to get a response and it really meant a lot that you did. Glad there are still good people in this world who actually care about humanity. 🙂 Thanks for all the resources. Stay blessed.

FFR Member | Oklahoma City, OK

Natalie (FFR Member Advocate) you are the bomb. Busy busy worker bee. This world needs more of you. You are amazong. Just wanted to say, THANK YOU so much for being a helper. You are what makes pushing forward every day possible. You give me hope on there being good people still out there among us. Keep it up girl.

FFR Member | Houston, TX